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Day in the Life – Sylvia

I laughed at the title, “A Day in the Life.” My daily schedule is all over the place. I wish I could say that my schedule is a routine 6 a.m. wake up, 7 a.m. breakfast, 8 a.m. work… But each day is so different that I wouldn’t know which day to pick to make it interesting to readers. Some days I have so much going on and I have to adjust the rest of my week, but other days I’m sitting behind a desk for eight hours doing paperwork.

However, one thing is for sure in my life: My morning ritual. I’m not a morning person, so my morning ritual starts the night before since I like to sleep in as long as I can (haha). I fill my water kettle to prep it for the next day’s warm lemon water (and coffee or tea). Most of my workouts are done after the kids go to school, so I also prep my protein shake as well as my first two meals.

Whether I’m coaching or not, I always check our gym’s workout and coaches’ notes for the next day. Even when I’m not coaching, I’d like to know how our athletes are doing. So, when I see them, I can ask, “How was the workout? What did you like about the workout? What was tough?” It just makes me feel more connected with our athletes, and I like hearing when new goals have been accomplished or even listening to their concerns and seeing how we can improve them.

After hitting snooze 10 times (told you I’m not a morning person), the first thing I do each morning is look out my bedroom window. If you’re friends with me on Snapchat or Instagram, you’ll sometimes get a glimpse of what I see. I take a few minutes to connect with God, say a small prayer and ask Him to continue keeping our family bond strong, healthy and happy. It really sets a positive tone for the day ahead.

I had a small injury in my trap/shoulder a few years ago. I never want to go through it again, so part of my morning ritual is to do shoulder mobility work. It takes me about five minutes to complete. If I’m feeling tightness or soreness in legs, I’ll include those, too.

At 6 a.m. I’m waking everyone up, including my soon-to-be three teenagers; two in high school and one in middle school. I know the best thing is for my kids to have alarm clocks and wake themselves up, but I honestly don’t mind. I only have a few more years left until they’re out on their own, so I love that I can walk into their room and say good morning. I’d like to think my voice is a better wake-up call than a buzzing alarm clock!

As I’m getting myself ready for the day, I start it with a tall glass of warm lemon water. It’s a quick and easy way for me to drink a full glass of water. Adding in squeezed lemon juice is just a small way to include vitamin C into my system, and it makes me feel good knowing I’m starting my day hydrated.

After my husband and kids are out of the house, my schedule varies each day. I’m lucky my photography business allows me to work from home and have flexibility in my schedule, but I have dedicated days where I’m working on client work, editing portraits, scheduling photoshoots and finishing up any correspondence. Like with any job, managing and prioritizing my job duties are important to be able to successfully work from home.

Wednesdays are one of my favorite days (Happy Hump Day!). Most mornings, my first meal is usually leftovers or prepped non-traditional breakfast food thrown in a container, ready to heat and eat, then I’m out the door. Wednesdays are usually a slower morning for me, so I can make a traditional breakfast with coffee or tea and enjoy it while still in my PJs. If I’m caught up with photography work, I usually try and get in a workout in the morning, either at the gym or at home. I also use this day to do whatever needs to get done around the house–anything from cleaning and grocery shopping to running errands and meal prepping. Wednesday nights you can also catch me playing third base for Kim’s Lakeside in Oconomowoc. I’d like to thank CrossFit for keeping me in shape when playing against the younger teams!

Weekends are a different story! With three kids, they keep us pretty busy. We’re either attending or coaching basketball tournaments for my daughter, watching my younger son compete in speed skating, or golfing with my older son. If sports aren’t on the calendar, most of the time, we like just hanging out at home doing family stuff.

When I have time to meal prep depends on our schedule. Majority of the time it’s on Sundays. I’m a big fan of my Instant Pot and I’ll have both (yes, I have two) going with one cooking protein and the other’s for side dishes.

Thanks for reading a glimpse of my daily life! You can view more on my Instagram stories at @shuttergirl75

Bark River CrossFit | Delafield, WI
Bark River CrossFit | Delafield, WI
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