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Myth Monday: “It's better not to snack during the day”

“It’s better not to snack in between meals.”

“Be sure to include healthy snacks throughout the day.”

“Eat six small meals during the day.”

“Eat three big meals during the day.”

“Don’t eat past 7 p.m.”

We can all agree there is a lot of confusing information and advice out there when it comes to what it means to live a “healthy lifestyle.” The truth is health looks different on everybody and it’s all about finding what works best for you!

Our hunger levels and how much energy we must take in will vary day-to-day depending on our age, metabolism, energy expenditure, etc. However, including a few balanced snacks in between meals is nothing to be afraid of! As a matter of fact, it can help maintain blood sugar levels for stable energy and mood.

Incorporating a well-rounded snack that combines protein with a healthy carbohydrate and/or fat source can help fuel you all day long and keep cravings at bay. Here are a few examples of snacks to have on hand:

  • Apple & peanut butter

  • Trail mix: nuts, dried fruit, popcorn, etc.

  • Yogurt with granola & fruit

  • Lightly roasted almonds & fruit

  • A whole foods bar such as RX Bars

  • Deli turkey slices & carrot sticks or guacamole

  • Hardboiled egg & crackers with hummus

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